Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

At 35 weeks you should start packing your hospital bag. At this time you can have labor any moment so your bag should be ready with all essentials you need at the hospital. You may pack two bags one for you and your partner. The Second bag for your baby.

Take a look at other essential products a newborn baby needs for first three months.

Note: you should ask the hospital what they provide for you and the baby and what not to bring at the birth center.

What should I pack for my baby?

  • Baby clothes:

Three bodysuits

3sleep suits

Baby Vest


Socks or booties

Jacket or sweater

Coming home outfit

  • Baby shawl or blankets- to cover and keep the baby warm
  • Wipes and cotton wool- for cleaning during nappy change
  • Pampers- sometimes hospital should not provide you with enough
  • Baby towel
  • Flannel
  • Bib or muslin
  • Baby toiletries- baby lotion, combs
  • Car seat

Watch video what to pack in hospital bag

What have I left out? If any please keep us informed in the comment section below.


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