Top 10 great gift for baby shower

Top 10 great gift for baby shower

Top 10 great gift for baby shower

Top 10 great gift for baby shower

We are here to provide you with the list of unique baby shower gifts.

Before going through the list read tips on choosing baby shower gifts

List of  great gift for baby shower

  • Big sizes of baby clothes- the reason why I list big sizes most moms buy products that fit the newborn for first three months so consider buying clothes from three months and above. Baby clothes such sweaters, Rompers, jackets, body suits and sleeping gown.
  • Baby blanket you can buy handmade or cotton
  • Pamper – either disposable or cloth diapers but this depends on what the new mom decided to use. If you choose to purchase disposable diapers, buy the right size and if possible buy one packet for the right size and the other pack you can buy the next size.
  • Feeding utensils Even though most moms prefer breastfeeding for first two or three months, so they don’t need appliances the first month. After that first month the baby needs to feed so, she will need the utensils later such as bottles, cups, and spoons.
  • Hooded baby towel
  • Pairs of booties and socks of different sizes
  • Car seat
  • Baby toys
  • Bibs
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Baby sling/wrap
  • Baby carrier
  • Stroller

  • Hat- there is knitted or cotton hats available on the market
  • Pacifier
  • Milk pump
  • Digital thermometer 
  • Swaddle baby blankets
  • Waterproof mattress cover or pad
  • Crib sheets
  • Baby book

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When you are buying a baby shower gift, consider the gender of the baby. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, buy a gift that is gender neutral. For instance, the pink color is well-known for girls while blue boys find a neutral color. Another example some toys are cute for a girl and not appropriate for boys.

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Consider buying a gift that mom will use days to days such as pamper or baby clothes.


Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

Best baby products brands

Essential products a newborn baby needs

Hoping our list have provided you the best ideas for a baby shower gift. If there is an item I have left out, please let us know in the comment section below.



Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

Newborn baby checklist for hospital bag

At 35 weeks you should start packing your hospital bag. At this time you can have labor any moment so your bag should be ready with all essentials you need at the hospital. You may pack two bags one for you and your partner. The Second bag for your baby.

Take a look at other essential products a newborn baby needs for first three months.

Note: you should ask the hospital what they provide for you and the baby and what not to bring at the birth center.

What should I pack for my baby?

  • Baby clothes:

Three bodysuits

3sleep suits

Baby Vest


Socks or booties

Jacket or sweater

Coming home outfit

  • Baby shawl or blankets- to cover and keep the baby warm
  • Wipes and cotton wool- for cleaning during nappy change
  • Pampers- sometimes hospital should not provide you with enough
  • Baby towel
  • Flannel
  • Bib or muslin
  • Baby toiletries- baby lotion, combs
  • Car seat

Watch video what to pack in hospital bag

What have I left out? If any please keep us informed in the comment section below.

Top 100 best baby product brands that you will never go wrong

Top 100 best baby product brands that you will never go wrong

Top 100 best baby product brands that you will never go wrong

There are so many baby products brands available on the market, and most moms become confused which one is the best of best. The article is meant for an expectant or new mom who is planning to buy baby products and is not sure which one is the best.

I’ve compiled a list of top 100 best baby product brands mom should know. Also, they have best products that you will never go wrong.

Top 100 best baby product brands

  • AFG Furniture

Products: Convertible crib, toddler bed, crib, changing table and drawer changer.

  • Aden + Anais-

Best for Sleeping bags, blanket, bibs, crib sheet, swaddles and wraps

  • Aleva Naturals-

Sells: diaper creams, wipes, moisturizer, bubble bath

  • Ardo medical-nipple shield, breast milk storage bottle, breast shell insert, electric or manual breast pump
  • Avent (Philip Avent)-
  • BabyK’tan- baby carrier and nursing cover
  • Boba carriers-carriers, wraps
  • Baby buddy-oral care kit, bath sponge, and toothbrush
  • Baby Trend- strollers, infant car seat, and walkers
  • Babybjorn-baby carrier and feeding kit (spoon, plates, and bibs)
  • Baby Dan- baby gate
  • Britax- car seat
  • Beco baby- carrier, bib, sling
  • Caden Lane- crib set
  • Camelbak- kid bottles
  • Chicco-car seat, stroller, carrier, walker, high chair and toys
  • Cosco- car seat
  • Ergo baby carrier, nursing pillow, and swaddle
  • Evenflo- safety gate, stroller
  • Fisher price-crib and guardrail
  • Huggies- diaper
  • Johnson’s and Johnson- baby care products
  • Pamper – pamper and baby care products

Video of Best Brands of Baby and Child Care Products

Read more on other baby care brands

  • Graco- car seats, stroller, play yard and ear thermometer
  • Kidco-safety gate, corner guard, bed rail, magnet locks, gates, cabinet lock, doorknob lock and outlet cover
  • L.A baby- crib, play yard and crib mattress
  • Little Tikes- Toys
  • Lamaze- toys
  • Lansinoh- milk storage and feeding bottle
  • Leachco- nursing pillow
  • Medela- breast pump, hand free pumping bra, and breast milk storage bottle
  • Manhattan- toys
  • Munchkin- toys, spoon, and cups,
  • North States- safety gates
  • Safety 1st – outlet plugs, cabinet locks, car seat, latches and thermometer
  • Sassy-toys, teethers
  • Skip Hop- activity toy, pant sets, bibs, bodysuit set, side snap footie, play mat, bath thermometer
  • Summer Infant- stroller, swaddle, drawer latch, safety gate, corner gate, outlet protectors
  • Wonderworld- toys

I hope the list was helpful. If so let me in the comment section below


Top 20 most essential products a newborn baby needs

Top 20 most essential products a newborn baby needs

Top 20 most essential products a newborn baby needs

If you are a first-time mom, there are most essential products a newborn baby needs this are products that you must own and use daily for your newborn baby whether at home or hospital. Other products are optional they are decorative products, the nice product to have these are just product found to waste your money, and others are unsafe that means are harmful to your baby healthy, so you don’t need them at all.

Before going to shopping read what to consider when buying baby products

The first few weeks newborn baby don’t need a lot of product. We have organized a list of must-have essential products a newborn baby needs. Here is the list of must-have products you need for first three months

  • Clothing

For the first three months, you don’t need to buy too many clothes. Your little one will outgrow them very fast. What you need is few pieces of:

3-4 Side tie/snap T-shirt – to put your baby until the umbilical cord separate.

Snap up rompers

Snap-crotch bodysuits

Shirt and pants set

Socks and booties- you will need socks to keep your child feet warm.

Seven pair of sleeping gown or Pajamas- buy nightgowns that will cover the baby from neck to leg and consider how easily you are going to change the dirty diaper in the middle of the night. Also for a cold night, you can buy sleep sacks. Consider buying a sleeping gown that is made of soft, breathable fabric like cotton.

Out layers- you need few jackets and sweater to keep your baby warm

Baby blanket- have few blankets to wrap the baby or to cover the baby for outdoor walks

Hats or caps -you need 2 or three to keep your child head warm.

  • Diapering

Diapers- stock up enough diaper either disposable or cloth. If you are using disposable choose the right size to avoid leakage and consider buying quality that doesn’t irritate baby skin.


Diapers rash cream/ ointment- you use just in case the baby gets a sore bottom.

Diaper trash can with a lid to dispose of dirty pamper and remember to empty frequently.

Waterproof changing pad/mat or place a towel on the bed

  • Bathing

The newborn baby need to bath daily, so you need

Baby bathtub

Hooded towel

Baby shampoo or formulated baby wash- to clean the baby. They are better used that the soap because is gentle on baby skin.

Baby lotion- buy formulated baby lotion to rub the baby after bath to keep moist.

Wash clothes

Cotton swabs

Cotton balls

  • Grooming gear

Baby nail scissors/clippers/cutters- baby nail should be kept short to prevent scratching herself or mom.

Fine-toothed baby comb- if the newborn has long hair you need to comb gently after bath

  • Safety

Baby monitor- help keep an eye on the baby when asleep.

There are other safety products that you need like safety gates but this one I prefer you buy when the baby starts crawling.

  • Health

Digital thermometer- you need to track the baby temperature using digital thermometer

  • Sleeping


Crib and firm mattress

Crib sheet

Waterproof mattress pad

  • Entertainment

A newborn baby needs playtime too it helps in child development. There are toys to choose for your newborn from 0 to 6 months.

Best toys for newborn baby.


Most moms prefer breastfeeding their newborn for the first three months, but some prefer bottle feeding. When breastfeeding there are products that new mom need for breastfeeding.


If you are bottle feeding, you can use formula milk or express milk. The list of goods you need

Breast pump

Formula milk

Feeding bottle

Breast milk storage bag- if you are expressing milk some mom prefer using storage bag because they don’t take big space in fridge


  • Out and about

It doesn’t mean because you have newborn you won’t get out of the house. At six weeks some countries start government immunization program, so you need to get out of the house when this time reaches. You need:

Baby carrier/sling/ wrap


Infant car seat

Changing bag

If you find the list helpful please share it with your friends on social media or if you have another product you can recommend please use the comment section below.